• Listen: Take the time to listen and understand your customer's needs during your first conversation. This helps sets the stage for a successful relationship.

  • Ask: Gain an intimate understanding of how you can best serve your potential client by asking them focused questions that illuminate the goals of their home search.

  • Answer: BE THE EXPERT. Address all of their questions to ease their concerns. Keep the conversation light. Demonstrate your knowledge of real estate. Validate WHY you are the right agent for them. 

  • Plan: Establish a follow-up plan with clear and defined steps. 


Sample Script #1 for New Online Leads:


Agent: Hi [lead first name]! This is [your name] with Team Greene Real Estate! We saw that you were looking at homes on our website East Idaho Property and we wanted to reach out to see how we could best help you! 


Buyer: [Responds] 


Agent: What’s your time frame for purchasing? Did you just start looking?


Buyer: [Responds] 


Agent: Great! We are here to take great care of you and we can show you ANY property that you see out there, even For Sale by Owners. We know the area very well and we would love the opportunity to meet with you over the next couple of days. How is your availability today or tomorrow?

If they agree to meet: 


Agent: OK, great. I look forward to meeting you on [day] at [time]. I'll give you a reminder the day before. In the meantime, I'll also look to see what else might be available in that area. Are you OK with me sending you additional properties?

Buyer: [Responds]

Agent: How would you prefer that I contact you? Text? Email?

Buyer: [Responds]

Agent: Great! Thank you! I look forward to working with you! 

If they aren't quite ready to meet: 

Agent: Not a problem at all! Just know that we are here to help you in every way possible! Would you mind if I stay in contact with you and perhaps send you new listings as they come up?

Buyer: [Responds]

Agent: Wonderful! Please reach out with ANY questions you may have. I am here to help. In the meantime, please feel free to continue browsing properties on our website. 

Sample Script #2 for New Online Leads:


Agent: Hi, it’s [your name] from Team Greene Real Estate! I just received your inquiry on our website East Idaho Property! Are you interested in looking at this property?


Buyer: Yes, I’d love to take a look.


Agent: Excellent! How far along are you in the buying process?


Buyer: [Provides some details]


Agent: That sounds great. [Provide some details about your background and expertise] When are you available to take a look at this property?


Buyer: [States availability]

Agent: OK, [day, time] works for me. One more thing, just so I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes. You


aren’t working with another agent right now, right?


Buyer: [Responds]

Agent: OK, see you then.


Script for leaving a voicemail on the first call with a buyer


Hi [contact name], this is [your name] from Team Greene Real Estate! Thank you so much for looking at homes on our website East Idaho! I would love to show you the property at [address] as well as other similar properties in the area. Please give me a call back or text me at [your number]. I’ll also follow up with an email. Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you!


Script for shoppers who are not ready to buy or are just looking


Agent: Hi, it’s [your name] from Team Greene Real Estate. Thanks for searching for properties on our website East Idaho! How can I best help you today?


Buyer: I’m just looking right now.


Agent: Totally understand. What is it you are looking for?


Buyer: [Gives detail on home search], but again, I’m just looking right now.


Agent: No problem. The market is moving pretty quickly, but it’s a great time to buy. Do you have a sense of your timeline?


Buyer: [Provides timeline]


Agent: Got it. So, the easiest thing for me to do is to send you an email so you can see properties that fit your interests. It won’t be overwhelming, but will keep you up to date about what comes on the market. If you see something that you want to go take a look at, just give me a ring or reply to the email. Does that work ok?


Buyer: [Responds]

Agent: Sounds great! Just keep in mind, I am here to take great care of you and can show you ANY property on the market. Even the For Sale by Owners. We'd sure love the chance to work with you! We will be in touch!

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